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Quality Matters

AZ School Meals is Dedicated to Student Nutrition

  • Our CACFP menus have proven very popular with Valley children, teachers and parents for almost 25 years.
  • We offer, breakfast, lunch and/or snacks, depending on your needs.
  • Compliant sack lunches are available for field trips.
BreadCornflakes BowlBlueberry Muffin WGCheerios BowlBagelPancakes
Fruit/VegetablesDiced PeachesDiced PearsApples or ApplesaucePineapple BitsBananas
EntreeTeriyaki ChickenSanta Fe BurritosMama Mia SpaghettiJurassic JoesTurkey & Cheese Sandwich
Meat/ProteinChicken, DicedRefried Beans, Shredded Cheddar CheeseGround BeefGround BeefTurkey Breast, Cheese
VegetableCarrot SticksCornCucumbersGreen BeansCelery Sticks
FruitPineapple BitsOrangesDiced PeachesFruit CocktailApples or Applesauce
BreadBrown RiceWhole Wheat TortillasSpaghetti NoodlesHamburger BunsWhole Grain Sandwich Bread
Milk, Vegetable or Fruit, Bread or Protein (water is served if juice or milk is not served with snack)Animal CrackersGraham CrackersPita Bread, Whole WheatFlour Tortillas - 6"Cottage Cheese
Diced PearsBananasAmerican CheeseTurkey BolognaDiced Peaches

Please contact us for a no obligation review of your school’s food needs.